Thursday, August 13, 2015

Cleaning up yet another network

Went to install 3 phones and a paging system, ended up removing old phone system and cleaning up all of the wiring. I set up the phones and paging when I arrived and told them I would return on their off hours to clean everything up. Took 2 of us 2 hours to mount everything and clean up all of this mess.


quick and easy basement wiring job, surface mounted wiring

6 Double CAT5 drops for a total of 12 wires, 2- 24 port patch panels, and 2- 16 port switches.
Strapped to the electrical conduit, and all patched in.
Surface mount jacks
Customer was not concerned with "looks" however we still did what we could to keep the surface mounted wiring as neat as possible.
Strapped to beam
Their existing network rack was a mess, but we decided not to clean it up since we did not want to take them down, and we do not maintain their computer network/router/switch/server, only their voice router/switch.
Strapped on electrical conduit
Start to finish took 2 of us around 2 or 3 hours.
Strapped to electrical conduit
Headed up the stairway to the rack
Wires coming in from basement.
The existing rack:
We only installed top and bottom panel and the switches they are patched into.
All other wiring was left untouched.

Moving a doorphone and wireless relay

This one was simple, everything was previously installed in the old network room, so wires just needed to be rerouted to the new network location and remounted on the wall, as well as moving one of the door phones from one door to a different door. We ran about 3 drops, only took a few hours to complete.
Viking E20B installed 
Blank wall plate covers hole made to snake wire into door latch
Viking E20B
Side view showing where door latch wire was snaked
All the relays Viking RC2As and enforcer 1 channel receivers.

Another Wire molding installation

So, this customer was just one of those customers that wanted everything done as hidden and unobstructive as possible, with absolutely no damage done to any walls. 

They are in an office that more resembles residential work, as there are no drop ceilings. 

In order to do this job properly without wire molding it would require a LOT of cutting sheetrock, walls and ceilings. The customer was completely against this. 

So that leaves only one option, break out the wire molding and go around the baseboard.

Obviously the holes that had to be made between rooms to get the wire from jack to panel were a problem for him, even after we completed the installation.

Even where we attempted to hide the holes with the wiremolding, he had a problem with the "angle" that a 4 inch piece of molding was installed at in attempts to hide the holes. 

All said and done this job was to install 7 network jacks and a panel. It took 2 of us about 3 days!!!

3 days to run SEVEN wires!! Sometimes you can not estimate the time it will take to complete a job sight unseen, sometimes a customer can be so difficult as to delay your progress.

This was all completed during business hours, so some delays could be expected, however, we were locked out of 2 of the rooms in the middle of the run nearly half the time we were there. 

We did what we could to work around them, but it truly upset me when one room we were locked out of was for a "meeting" when the door was finally unlocked there was only one person in that room, the other room we were locked out of was for "training" and there was only 2 people in that room.

Seriously, I have never came across such an inconsiderate customer as to hold up progress of installations for whatever excuses they came up with.

I did have to connect everything to a WiMax router because they did not have a wireline internet connection at the time of install. On a subsequent visit I had to remove the WiMax modem and connect it to the FTTH ONT.

Luckily on the visit to swap the WiMax modem with the FTTH ONT the employee who was the biggest obstruction to our progress on the install was not there, so we quickly moved everything over to their newly installed internet and go out of there as quickly as possible, fearing that employee who had delayed us previously might only be out to lunch and could be back at any moment.