Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Paging, door phone, patch panel install.

Most of the wiring was in place, for the most part but the wires had 8p8c (RJ45) plugs on the ends of them, not a patch panel. Not only is this not messy, it is not recommended, because when not if, the clip breaks on the plug a tech will need to go out to crimp a new one on.

2 port patch panel was installed to neaten up the network wiring.

UTI-312 paging interface was installed for a 15W self amplified bogen horn in the warehouse (not photographed). This installation only has a single speaker on a single zone, but unfortunately we were unable to obtain a UTI-1 in time to get this install completed. 312 is programmed to automatically page to zone 1 with no need for DTMF selection of zone.

Viking RC2A relay is used to activate door release that locksmith will wire to the wires I prewired to the door frame for him. E20-B is installed as door phone (not photographed)

Linksys PAP2 is used to provide 2 analog extensions. 1 extension goes to the door phone and relay, the other extension goes to the UTI-312 for paging.

Job took 5 hours to complete, including testing, several wire runs, and training of VoIP phones previously installed. Had the wiring been in place from previous speakers, and door phones, and had the customer not required additional training of the phones this could have been completed within an hour start to finish.

The open space is for the computer tech to mount an 8 port or 16 port switch. Currently they are using a BEF41 linksys router with DHCP turned off as a 4 port switch and require additional LAN ports for the currently unused jacks. 


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