Friday, July 13, 2012

minor changes to site layout

All information, links, and navigation are still located on this site. if you are a return visitor i apologize for moving things around. I am just trying to get as much useful information onto the page where you do not need to scroll down too far to find what you need.

Navigation moved up and back over to the right.. most everything else except ad placement is pretty much in the same location.

I also added a new image link above to Telebroad. They offer hosted VoIP services and are located in NYC. They provide full service including any wiring and networking that may need to be done on site unlike most VoIP providers. They are also the first VoIP provider that I am aware of that has been able to solve the problem of faxing with VoIP service.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Find your lost Android phone.

So I just had a small panic on my hands. I thought that I had lost my cell phone. I originally thought that I left it at the office, as I just left there, so instead of driving all the way back I took a chance that someone was still there and called up to ask if my phone was still there. Unfortunately it was not.

What was I do to. I paid full retail for my phone, and I have personal information on my phone. While there are some people that I do not mind sharing the information on my phone with, I would prefer to keep much of the information out of the hands of the general public, like I am sure many of you do as well.

I did not have any tracking apps installed on my phone, but luckily you can remotely install software on your Andriod device by logging into your Google Play account online.

I found this free app called "Where's my 'droid" and remotely installed it on my device.

Once the app was installed - which was nearly immediately, I was able to then use it to find the location of where my phone was.

To locate the phone, once the app is installed all you need to do is send a text to your phone, and within 5 minutes it will text you back with the GPS coordinates of the phone with a link for google maps so that you can easily locate the device.

I sent the text to the phones actual phone number with one of my spare Google Voice numbers that I usually just use to quickly text information to my phone with, although I see no reason why it should not work if you were to send the text to the Google Voice number associated with your Android device.

Turns out that my phone fell between the seats of the rental car.

Good luck in finding your device.