Sunday, December 11, 2011

What kind of crappy VoIP service does Ebay use?

EDIT This may not have had anything to do with Ebay after all, as I just experienced a similar problem on a phone call just now - I think it must be the stupid WiFi calling feature of my new Tmobile cell phone... I will do some testing to see if the trouble was in fact ebay related, or the fact that Tmobile thinks it is a good idea to use my WiFi to make calls when I am within range of my AP. 

I opened an Ebay account several months ago, because I had intended on selling a bunch of the stuff that I have  that I no longer need or use. I have been too busy to get around to actually putting anything up on the site, so it sat there dormant for quite a while. Today I logged into the account, because I actually do plan on putting some stuff up on there within the next few weeks or so. When I logged in I found that my account has been suspended - in September! I never received the e-mail telling me that the account had been suspended. The alleged reason for the suspension was the activity on the account. What activity on the account? I have not even logged back into the account after I set it all up.

Unfortunately the only way to resolve this was by a phone call. There was no online option to resolve this problem, either by email, chat, or by providing a form for me to complete the required information that they needed from me.

From the moment that the call connected the call quality was shit, pure shit. I had an extremely difficult time understanding the customer service rep located in India. Since they are located in India, I have no idea why their hours of operation are based on Pacific time! It felt like I was on a bad skype connection or something. A company that has the volume business as Ebay, and the amount of revenue that they generate, you would think that they would invest in some added bandwidth for their VoIP system, or at least use a more reliable VoIP provider than the bottom barrel VoIP service providers.

I am not sure if they still own Skype or not, but the connection quality reminded me strongly of the experiment that I did at my home where I replaced my home phone service with Skype for several months. That experiment failed terribly, and Magicjack provided a much better connection, and simpler solution. It just shows how sad your product really is when the Magicjack can beat you as far as quality, and price.

Well this is just another one of those rant posts. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

I will probably post what I am posting on Ebay here, and on several of the forums that I frequent before putting the stuff up on Ebay. to give people a heads up, and perhaps deal directly with people if possible.


  1. Well you are talking about skype's unreliability but I have used both Magic Jack as well as skype. My experience is both of these providers are not very reliable. Skype is well known for its viruses and Magic jack is known for its poor voice quality. If you want to get good voice quality as well as reliability, you have to look for the providers like Vonage, Axvoice, Packet 8 and others.

  2. Skype is not known for Viruses, and the audio problems with the Magicjack are due to the resources of the PC that the Magicjack is connected to. My experiment with Magicjack on a dedicated PC proved no problems with audio quality, while testing with the same dedicated PC for Skype proved horrible call quality. The problem is Skype uses a crappy proprietary P2P infrastructure to terminate calls, while at least Magicjack uses the industry standard SIP, even if they do not provide you with the credentials to use your own hardware.