Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Phone and network color codes

I know I posted a text version of the color code HERE  but to add to that I made some Images.

For network cables 568B is the most common used color code. To make a straight through or regular patch cord or jack both sides of the cable must be punched down to the same color code (either 568B or 568A). To make a cross over cable one end must be terminated as 568B and the other side as 568A) The only difference in terminations is that the orange and green pairs swap positions.

This is probably the color code that most people wiring a jack is looking for, What colors do the new CAT3/CAT5 colors go to inside of a phone jack since the colors are different. The first 2 (green/red+blue/white) are for line 1. The second pair does not usually need to be connected for residential customers unless they have a 2nd line. Some phone systems require both pairs to be connected.

 Here is the color code for the first 25 pairs of a telephone cable. This code repeats itself for cables larger than 25 pair by being wrapped in binder groups using the same color code (with the first 25 pair being wrapped in blue/white, and pairs 26-50 being wrapped in orange/white, etc.)

Need more than 25 pair? the colors will just continue to repeat, just wrapped in a different color binder, but here is what will be in the binders for 50 pair, 75 pair, 100 pair, and 125 pair. 
Click the image for a larger view. 

I made and posted this image too quickly.
The outter binder colors (top and bottom) should be BLUE-ORANGE-GREEN-BROWN


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