Monday, October 31, 2011

Vonage V-phone

This was in my draft folder since December - not sure why never published...

Vonage V-Phone with 250MB USB Flash Drive

Considerations when moving into a new office.

[For some reason this was sitting in my draft folder, never published. I wrote this post about 5 months ago.]

If you are starting up a business, or just expanding and are moving into a new location you are going to have lots of things to consider. This is the best time to do some forward thinking.

If you are doing new construction you should consider getting the low voltage tech on site to do a survey early. So many times I have gone out to a job to wire everything up after the construction is completed, or too far along, and have to make holes into newly installed and/or painted sheetrock.

Have your data and telephone wiring run to the same closet. Use at least CAT5 for your phone jacks, as well as data jacks. Every desk location should have at least 2 jacks - either 2 CAT5 jacks (if you are going to be using VoIP phones) or 1 phone jack and 1 data jack. The reason that you are going to want your phone jacks run with a minimum of CAT 5 wiring is that in the future if you decide to move over to VoIP, you will be able to convert your phone jacks to data jacks, and keep your VoIP phones, and computers on two physically separate networks. While most VoIP phones have dual ethernet jacks (one to connect to the network and another to connect your computer) it is best if they are connected to two separate networks. This will eliminate troubles further down the road, and reduce disruption if one network needs to be worked later on.

The reason that you want to bring your phone and network cables to the same location is for future changes and upgrades. If your phone and data networks are at two different locations then you will likely need to pull new cables between these two locations in the future. If you have no choice but to locate your phone and data networks in two separate locations I would recommend pulling several cables between the two locations.

Pull a cable from your communications closet to the main demarc from the telephone company. Pull at least a 25 pair cable. Also pull an RG6 from your communications closet to where the cable comes to the building.

Don't forget all of the extras aside from your computers and telephones. Consider what doors are going to need to be wired for door phones, and door releases. Are you going to need an overhead paging system? Do you need to pull additional wiring for wireless access points? How about CCTV, where do you want to place your cameras? What about additional monitors? While you are at it, consider your conference room. You are probably going to want data/phone jacks and electric under your conference table. What about video presence? Do you want to install hardware for video conferencing, or perhaps want to pre-wire for a future addition of video conferencing? How about an overhead projector?

Funny Cell Pix

I just threw together a blog of a bunch of funny photos that I have taken with my cell phone. It can be viewed @ http://funnycellpix.blogspot.com/

National Grid car with WiFi? antennas on roof.

This car was driving slowly in front of me, stopping every so often... I assume that they are now reading meters wirelessly?

anyone have any ideas? 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Some idiot in my neighborhood

Yes - because dog piss is so much worse than you spray painting the public sidewalk next to a fire hydrant in front of your house.
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Door relay install

Here is my first on topic video for the nyphonejacks youtube channel.
Older videos (consisting mostly of documenting horrible Verizon wiring conditions can still be viewed at my old nypj youtube channel.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Updated current prepaid rates

I just updated the Prepaid cell phone rates post here http://blog.nyphonejacks.com/2011/05/blog-post.html

It was about 5 months since I updated that list. In that time frame I have found that most of the pre-paid carriers rates remained pretty solid, with some changes - mostly in reduction of rates, or increased minutes for the same rate. What surprised me however was Verizon's rates seem to finally fall in line with most of the other prepaid carriers, which may lead me to pick up a Verizon phone when I go to replace my phone in the near future.

What I did not post was some of the smartphone rates - Verizon's blackberry prepaid plan is around $75, which is not too far off of what the other carriers are charging.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ooma referrals returns

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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My tool cart

I figured that I would post how I get my materials and tools around from site to site. Since I currently do not use a commercial vehicle and I work mostly alone, I have devised a way to try to carry as much as possible with as little effort as possible.

4 boxes of CAT5, ladder, label machine, chair, tools and various other hardware. 

This is how everything fits into the back of the minivan. 

20 jack network

UPDATE 1/5/12: This 20 jack has morphed into a 44 jack network overnight. Check out the update post HERE

UPDATE 1/1/12: This customer has added more than the 24 jacks that the 2 12 port panels are capable of terminating. At first I just added several surface mount jacks to add capacity. However the network has become rather messy, and I am going to be installing several more jacks in the coming days. The 2 - 12 port panels and extra jacks at the network closet are going to be replaced with a 48 port patch panel that should provide enough ports for the new and existing jacks, as well as some availability for even further additions and expansion of the network. 

4 more runs need to be installed, as well as at least 2 door phones.

Punching down 12 pair panel 

All wired up ready to be punched down

12 port panel punched down ready to be mounted. 

12 port panel ready to mount. 

Ready to punch down second 12 port panel.

Cat 5s all stripped. 

Ready to punch down 12 port panel. 

2nd 12 port panel punched down and ready to mount

2nd panel ready to mount.

Panels mounted, wiring ready to be pulled back. 

Excess slack wire service loop strapped up in ceiling. 

2-12 port panels mounted and labeled "A" and "B"

All jacks mounted next to electrical outlets.

snaking thru brick

[EDIT: Wiring diagram to connect PAP2 to RC2a and E20B doorphone can be found HERE this diagram is the same exact method as to how to wire the door phone shown in the images on this page as well]

This is part of one of the larger jobs already posted on this site.

The customer wanted the door bell installed on the front of the brick, I tried to talk them into putting the door bell in the doorway which would have made the job easier, but they insisted in a specific location for the door phone. Unfortunately the location where they wanted the door phone installed was directly on the other side of a support column of which I did not have a long enough bit to get thru (and potentially there was steel behind the masonry)

The customer suggested that I channel out the concrete between the bricks to run the wires, but I felt that would have left the job sloppy, and would have actually been more work than to come up with this solution.  About 2 feet to the right of where the door phone was to be installed the wall was thin enough do drill thru the masonry, So I had to channel thru the concrete to get the wire to where it needed to be.

Drilled hole across brick towards where wire exits for channel. 

3x Cat 5 wires (for 3 door phones) run thru channel behind brick.

Hole on right is where wire enters building, to left is where wire exist thru channel behind brick.

Another angle of the channel for door phone wiring. 
I do not have an image of the door phone installed. If I pass by this location again, I will take an image of the installed door phone and add it to this post.

EDIT Here it is, finally. The door bell mounted by the front door.

very small 6 jack network

Now that the site that was stealing my content is taken care of, I can get back to doing updates.

This is a job that was completed several months ago. It is a small network consisting of only 6 jacks, so in place of a patch panel I installed a face plate with 6 jacks.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Victory in removing unauthorized mirror of this site from the internet.

The hosting company of the site that was mirroring content from this site with out authorization has been taken down by their hosting company.

I had only wanted for my content to be removed from their site, but it appears that their entire site has been removed from the internet completely.

UPDATE The site is back up,  but fortunately without my content posted. Check I recommend that you check the site for your content.

UPDATE These content trolls are back at it, and they refuse to take my content down and so far I have not found a government agency willing to reply back to my copyright claims against them, but I will continue to pursue them.