Monday, July 4, 2011

Yahoo Answers HATES AMERICA!

Happy 4th of July everyone. I just wanted to make everyone aware of what I found in my inbox from Y!A today.

Question: looking for reliable "phone call divert" services from USA to India?
Deleted Answer: stop outsourcing our american jobs to india and you wont have this problem....
Violation Reason: Insulting or Ranting Content
In Yahoo! Answers you may not demean or insult others, or post tirades directed towards persons or groups.

Yahoo choose the 4th of July to send me a violation notice for this answer that I provided. The question and answer is fuzzy in my mind, so it has to have been answered by myself at least a few months ago, if not longer.
I do not see how my answer violated the guidelines that they are claiming that I violated by responding to this question. I did not demean or insult anyone, not have I posted a tirade towards any people or groups. I merely stated the obvious fact. If this person was not in the business of stealing jobs from American citizens then they would not have the problem of trying to divert calls from the US to India.
I provided the most acceptable solution to the persons question. Keeping American jobs in America. To me, it is further insulting of the date that they choose to send me this notice of violation.
While I am at it, I transferred freecnam.com last week to the TnID people. For some reason, just because you transfer a domain it does not cancel your Y! domain account, so after I verified with a whois look up, I logged into my Y! domains account and canceled my plan for freecnam.com, which was set to expire towards the middle of the month. I was sent an email that I would be charged for this account on the 7th. Guess what? They billed me yesterday for the account AFTER it had been canceled. I had to call and speak with someone, guess where? In India to complain that they took money for a domain I relinquished control over to a third party, and that I had canceled my plan for that domain name, and that even if I had chosen to keep the domain name that the payment was not supposed to be charged for at least a week from now. He came back with every month has a different amount of days in it, and that it is not on the same day every year that the payment is due. Then why did they send me an email telling me when the payment was going to be processed if they were not going to honor that timeline? Besides - who bills someone on a SUNDAY?
Looks like my other domain(s) will likely need to find another registrar well before they expire. Having my domain email land in my Y! mail inbox is not worth $35/year when I can get the domain  for 1/3 of that cost, and I could use gmail to get my domain emails.

[UPDATE 7/5/11]
They responded back to my appeal of this question being removed. First my appeal:
1.  What is your name and Yahoo! ID?

      Yahoo! ID: nyphonejacks

2.  What is your email address?
      Email Address: nyphonejacks@yahoo.com

3.  What are you appealing?
      Subject: Answer Deletion

4.  Enter additional information here:
      Yahoo must REALLY HATE the United States of America to delete this
answer on the 4th of July of all days.

I should have realized that when I spoke with, someone in India about 
charging me for a Y!  domain name that I transferred to someone else and
canceled in my domain control panel earlier today. 

The question asked how they could divert calls from the US to a call 
center in India, thus taking money from American citizens pockets. As a 
Telecommunications Specialist, I advised the person who asked the 
question the best solution to his trouble. If he stopped outsourcing 
employment from American workers to India then he would not have this 

The answer is in no way a rant, nor is it insulting. What is insulting 
is the loss of American's jobs due to outsourcing to countries such 
as India. What is even more so insulting is that Y! felt the need to 
violate this answer on the 4th of July.
And now the first response for my appeal:
Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Answers Customer Care.
We have reviewed your appeal request. Upon review, we found that your content was indeed in violation of the Yahoo! Answers Community Guidelines, Yahoo! Community Guidelines, or the Yahoo! Terms of Service.As a result, your content will remain removed from Yahoo! Answers.
Please note: Questions that do not receive any answers within the 4-day open period will expire and be deleted automatically.
Additionally, when an abusive question is deleted, all answers associated with that question are removed. In this instance, no points are deducted from deleted answers.
Use of Yahoo! Answers is subject to the Yahoo! Answers Community Guidelines, Yahoo! Community Guidelines, and also the Yahoo! Terms of Service. Members who have violated the Community Guidelines are at risk for review and possible termination of their Answers accounts. In extreme cases, members who have also violated the Yahoo! Terms of Service risk losing their Yahoo! ID and access to other Yahoo! services.
Please review the Yahoo! Answers Community Guidelines here:
Please review the Yahoo! Community Guidelines here:
Thank you again for contacting Yahoo! Answers Customer Care. Your case number for this issue is 84813731. Please reference it in all future communication about this particular issue. 
John Marvin
Yahoo! Answers Customer Care

And  my response to that:

Nowhere in the terms of use for yahoo do I see having pride and being patriotic a violation - perhaps I should have read between the lines when every yahoo article about automobiles is constantly giving negative reviews against american branded vehicles. 

I demand that my answer be reviewed by a manager residing in the United States. 

This is disgusting to me, especially coming on independence day. Normally I have turned to yahoo for all of my internet needs including paid services, but your disrespect towards the USA has made me realize that I should take my business elsewhere and advise other patriotic Americans to do the same
Awaiting further response. Will keep you updated. In the mean time I suggest that you seek elsewhere for your paid internet services.

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  1. Yahoo hates freedom of speech.
    They just plain out hate America.
    Yahoo can go fu.ck themselves.