Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Optimum online w/boost + Hostway

UPDATE: Satisfactorily resolved.

I recently registered the domain name nyphonejacks.net with Optimum online, which gives you a free domain registration and hosting when subscribed to Boost services.

I registered this domain about 3 days ago. I set it up to forward to nyphonejacks.com. Today I tried to access nyphonejacks.net with my browser, and it came up that the site did not exist, so I tried to ping nyphonejacks.net and did not get anything, no response what so ever.

I contacted the customer support for Hostway who claims that Optimum sent them a notice that the Boost was disconnected from my line, so they disabled my hosting account. I do not even really care about the hosting - I care about the domain, which even if the boost was to be canceled should still be within my control for the entire term of the domains registration which is one year.

Optimum online claims that they do not see any issues with my account, and that they did not cancel the Boost nor did they send notice to Hostway.

Currently I am awaiting a phone call back from Optimum as they are supposedly contacting Hostway right now to resolve this issue.

This is not a good first impression, and I truly hope that this is not what I am to look forward to with having my domain hosted with my ISP or their sub-contractors. I am hopeful that this is just a small bump in the road, because I am considering moving all of my paid services over to one company - anything to get away from Yahoo's over priced services - and lack of customer support, and respect for America.

I will provide further information about this situation as it develops.

EDIT- Wow, that was fast. The Optimum representative just got back to me, and the issue is resolved.

According to the Optimum rep my Boost was never removed from my account - something he claims would need a 30 day notice anyhow. What he told me that the Hostway people told him is that the Hostway database could not reach the Optimum database. I tend to agree with the Optimum representative that in this case the Hostway rep was passing the blame of the problem off to someone else. And he said that since the trouble was resolved so quickly that it was more than likely an issue on Hostway's end and not Optimum.

At least the rep was honest when I asked if this was a common occurrence and if this is what I should expect going  forward. He told me that it should not have happened this time, but he could not guarantee that I would not have troubles in the future, but hopefully everything should remain fine now.


  1. I'm glad you were able to get a quick resolution to this issue. I am currently trying to get Optimum / Hostway to delete the domain I requested when I first signed up to Boost two years ago, so I may create a new one. So far I am getting the runaround, especially since I want a "fresh start" with a new domain. But my initial domain registration just expired and I have not replied to requests to update my registration so I don't see the issue - no one loses money here. What do you think?

    1. yea, took me 3 days or so between optimum and hostway since the .net domain referenced in this post was moved to a different registrar and has since been canceled to get my hostway account back active, i have not yet tried to log back into that account to set up a new domain because i really am not sure what i want, and really i just want it for the ddns to host some stuff locally on my machine.

      good luck