Thursday, December 17, 2015


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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Installing a double DIN radio in a 1997 Toyota Corolla G

I recently purchased a 1997 Toyota Corolla that had a defective stereo. I wanted a radio with a video screen, but according to all sources that I could find only a single DIN radio fits in this vehicle.
Old Kenwood stereo missing faceplate,
Original Toyota add on tape deck and pocket below vents
The Geo Prizm is basically GMs version of this vehicle, and it uses a double DIN radio, but it is mounted lower then where Toyota mounts their radio. I did see a single post on a Toyota forum where someone had installed a double DIN radio in this lower location, however it didn't look installed very good, it was sticking out where it didn't line up with the dash panel. 
I used the existing single DIN pocket
to replace the head unit I removed
I didn't want to use a single DIN stereo that had a motorized screen that pops out because it would block the vents when the screen was opened, and figured if I couldn't get the stereo to fit I could always just return it to the store. 
Double DIN Pioneer installed
Seriously it was much easier to mount and install then I even imagined. I thought that I might have to modify or fabricate something to get the radio to fit properly. In reality the only minor issue I ran into was that the wire was just barely long enough to connect. I should have extended the wire to make it easier, however it was just long enough that I will leave it as is since extending the wire is just going to stuff up the limited space behind the radio. 
Dash panel put back on
Next up, connecting a parking brake bypass for the video signal, finding a more permanent location for the bluetooth microphone and installing cameras (the head unit allows for a back up camera as well as a second camera, which I will likely add several cameras to with a video selector switch. 
Close up of single DIN pocket
The hole is left over from the wired remote
for the old trunk mounted CD changer.

Powered up for the first time

Green wire is parking brake lock for video,
I will be installing a bypass switch
It can be done!

An even larger CAT6 network install (Part 1) rack and ladder installed.

This install was put onto hold even before the other "large CAT6 network install" was started. 
All of the cabling had been pulled at this location before we started that other large install, but work at this site was put on hold.

Finally we were able to get back to working on this network. It consists of over 400 wire runs for VoIP, PC, IP cameras, speakers, monitors, door bells and card readers

We installed a 15u wall mount rack to install the NVR and IP camera network. 

We also installed a full 4 post rack where all of the patch panels and switches for the VoIP and PC networks are going to be located. 

We currently have a single ladder coming across the top of the racks, but will likely add a second rack to install servers on. All access control units will be mounted to one of the walls. The entire room has plywood walls behind the sheetrock. 

4 ceiling mount TVs installed

So we had to install 4 50 inch televisions with ceiling mounts for one of our customers. They were installed into beams using lag bolts.
Installing the poles, checking spacing distances.
The only problem was that the customer only had 3 of the 4 televisions, so we had to return a few days later and hang the final TV.
Got all poles installed, and first TV installed.
Another view of the installed TVs
Yet another angle of the TVs
View from below
View from behind.