Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Multiple relay installation

So, the same customer from a few posts back that had everything prewired for me, where we installed 4 racks, I had to install a few relays for several doors.

Viking relays, RC2A and three LDB2 

I always wanted to use a bus bar in place of using wire nuts or b-connectors for the splices when working with multiple relays, so I figured this was a great project to use a pair of bus bars to distribute 16 VAC between the multiple relays.

Patch panel, DVR and alarm were already there.

The patch panel, DVR and alarm panel in the photo were existing and not installed by me or my crew. I only installed and connected the 4 relays and 2 power supplies, wires also already were run to where they needed to go to. 

Stapled up all the wires neatly.

Used two bus bars to distribute the 16 VAC to activate the door latches

Ready to buzz those doors!

Neatened up the power supply wires

Think it came out pretty neatly.

Co-Worker decided to get some shots of me working

Here I am connecting the N.O. and common
of the keypads by the doors to the
N.O. and common of an LDB2

Large CAT6 office wiring job (part 3) Patching everything in

If you aren't fast enough patching the entire network in, their IT guy is gonna start patching the PC network, and the camera guy is gonna start connecting his shit. 

At least we patched in the VoIP phone's network neatly (the white patch cords).
Hopefully we will have some time to get back in here to dress the rest of the network. 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

4 foot standing single post floor rack installation.

We found the perfect place to install this customers network, an out of the way place in their office that wouldn't take up useable floor space.
4 foot single post rack
The only problem being that there is limited ceiling clearance, so we opted for a 4 foot single post floor standing rack.
That's me and the new rack

I had my co-worker snap some photos of me working around the rack to give perspective to the size of the rack. 

Looks like I'm working...

But these were all posed pics...

The business end of the rack,
need to come back and dress it up.

That's about everything:
12 outlet rack mount surge protector
2 48 port patch panels
24 port PoE switch
24 port GB switch

Close up. 

15u rack mounted to the wall

This job was wired a while back, there was no power, and there was a dead rat in the drop ceiling. The lack of power and material the wall was made of prevented us from being able to mount the rack to the wall when we were here to do the wiring. Because of the conditions of the location during our wiring job, there are no other photos of this location currently.