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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

At-the-beep blogspot now live

I have been sitting around with a bunch of unused google voice numbers for a while.

I had put the matrix on one of the voicemails and sent the number out to Yahoo answers at least a year or two ago, and still get calls almost daily to that number with an occasional funny voicemail here and there, so I decided to take one of the other google numbers that I have and make a website for it.

If you call 313-ih4x0r which translates to 313-444-9079 you can participate in this little project.

What can this be used for?
Right now it is an experiment. I expect many blank voicemails, followed by people acting like assholes, but I can also envision how this might be useful to use as some type of public voice message board for people to leave messages back and fourth to each other.

All voice and text messages can be viewed at or by clicking the At-the-beep link on the top of the page on any page.

Oh, and that matrix number, thats 646-48-1337-0

Friday, July 18, 2014

Small install and mounting modem, router and ATA

New customer was coming over from another VoIP provider. 
The first thing that I was concerned about was the router that they were using, and outdated WRT54g.
They also had 2 single line ATA devices, as well as a cable modem that was rounded on both sides (making it nearly impossible for it to be properly mounted) 

They did also have a Yealink phone from their previous provider that we replaced with a VVX 300 series phone. They also had a Yealink cordless VoIP phone with 3 handsets, that we also replaced with a Panasonic cordless VoIP phone with 3 handsets. 

I replaced the router with an E2500 (stock firmware on this one, although we do occasionally throw in DD-WRT) and also replaced the cheap single line ATA devices that they were using with a 2 line SPA 112 device to provide them with 2 "analog" lines. 

Mounted everything to the wall with zip-ties that have screw holes. This is much better than the double sided tape that the previous company/tech used to mount everything to the wall, damaging the paint in the process. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Cleaning up my own network

So my personal network closet started getting unmanageable.I began by removing the doors from the closet since they were trapping heat and I usually had to leave at least one of the doors open while operating the AV receiver or one of the PCs.

What my network started looking like after about a year.
The top shelf holds 2 phone systems (currently not connected) along with my 2500 phone, my patch panel, a turntable (currently not connected) and a Samsung HTIB (not connected) that will feed the audio for my zone 2 (bedroom). Also on this shelf are several ATA devices that are not currently used, mostly PAP2 devices, but also includes at least 1 3102 and several other generic ATA devices, eventually when I set up an asterisk server these devices will provide lines for the 2 phone systems.

The left side middle shelf holds my Brother all in one lazer printer.

The right side middle shelf holds my entertainment distribution center, centered around an Onkyo TX-NR626, it also includes my Roku3, a Samsung Bluray player, analog cassette deck Panasonic HTIB (which is only being used for its VHS player) an Xbox 360 (not currently connected) and an 8 port linksys switch.

On the bottom shelf lives 5 desktop computers (currently not connected) my Ooma, and an external laptop hard drive enclosure.

The network mostly cleaned up.
I have not determined uses for all of the computers yet, but one of them contains my entire DVD collection of over 500 movies, so that one will be a media server. One will be used just as a regular desktop computer, one will be an asterisk server. The other 2 I have not yet determined what to do with them.

The entertainment shelf.
This is a slow moving, ever evolving project. The AV distribution system is nearly complete. I just need to connect the Xbox to the system (or its replacement if I decide to get a new gaming system) 
I actually placed a small (8 to 10 inch) fan behind the AV shelf blowing air out the front of the cabinet connected to a switch on the side of the cabinet to prevent overheating of my Onkyo receiver. 

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